The Power Of Emotions


The Power Of Emotional Healing

  1. Dysfunctional relationships
  2. Addictions, obsessions
  3. Fears and phobias: of traveling, of flying, of insects, of dying, of the dark etc.
  4. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks
  5. Shock and traumas
  6. Unresolved grief
  7. Lack of direction, inability and fear to follow your true path in life
  8. Despondency and despair; in extreme cases feeling suicidal
  9. Feeling of being inferior, shy or inadequate
  10. Emotional and sexual intimacy issues

These are some of the problems that can be resolved by looking at the emotions and many more…

Before we develop any illness, be it physical or mental, we experience a negative emotion. That emotion will be the fuel to create a belief about oneself. Beliefs are the bases upon which our lives are shaped.

Illness is an accumulation of negative emotions and beliefs. Treat the emotions and change the beliefs and health is restored on all levels. Dr E Bach, the Harley street physician and founder of the famous Bach Flower Remedies discovered this in the mid thirties.

Can We Really Heal Anything?

Taking into account: emotions and beliefs, soul’s choice, karma, blood line beliefs, possessions and outside influences, even if from other lines of time, the answer is ‘yes we can’!

We carry over unresolved emotions and unsupportive beliefs from the past, from another time and from the bloodline; parents, grandparents and so on.

First we have an emotion and then we have a thought and a belief. Over time if emotions such as anger, resentment, hatred, self-hatred, self reproach, guilt, terror due to shock and trauma, dejection, fear etc. are not treated, they build up, together with the negative beliefs that come as a result.

These are some of the beliefs that are created due to those negative emotional reactions:

“I am not good enough, I am not loved, wanted, I feel inferior, superior, I feel inadequate, I feel unworthy etc. etc.”

Understandably these beliefs do not make us feel very good about ourselves, so to escape, we resort to drinking, smoking, eating excessively and taking drugs.

A build up of emotions and beliefs eventually lands in the physical body as disease (contributing factors will also be drinking, bad diet and drugs etc.).

A disease is the last attempt of the spirit to attract our attention to rectify something that is discordant with spirit and the natural flow of energy.

Positive and loving emotions are in resonance with the energy and negatives ones are not.

Anxiety and depression, the twentieth century diseases, are generally medicated with pharmaceutical drugs, which only serve to suppress the unpleasant feelings. When we feel anxious and panicky in the present and there is no reason to be, it is because there is an emotion (normally the echoing of traumatic events) and a belief somewhere in the past, which says; ‘I am not safe.’

Any trauma, shock, abuse and violence will be accompanied by emotions such as fear and terror. These create beliefs of hopelessness and helplessness.

Once a negative experience is over all we are left with is the negative emotions and what we believed about ourselves at the time.

When negative emotions are not treated, (how many people have ever treated their emotions before?) they get stored in the subconscious from where they keep fuelling the mind with the same dread causing the person to feel anxiety in the present.  The person’s mind becomes trapped, and like a broken record keeps re-playing out the same unpleasant memories, which inevitably give more power to those very emotions and beliefs.


Emotional Healing At Work

The healing system LN Emotional Healing has been designed to: identify emotions, traumas, beliefs, and foreign energies that one carries around and release them from the body-mind-energy field. It gives the person the power to understand the patterns. Once these are clear, the person becomes more than keen to let them go and to reconnect to the bigger picture.  And then a person is ready to embrace new empowering beliefs and emotions – the new programs that will lead his or her actions to successful, happy and loving outcomes in every area he or she wants.

Negative beliefs keep us disconnected from our divine within. Understanding and self-love, are the key to not only re-connected to this power but most importantly to operate from it.



Healing Is A Daily Business

This book has the information and description of the healing system. It will help you to understand very clearly, the emotional patterns and how to avoid them, which is in itself already empowering and liberating.

“The choice between love and fear is what the soul faces in each lifetime.  To experience existence, without ever harming another, is what spirit dictates; in the knowledge that love is the only, ultimate and everlasting power”.

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